In the period 1999-2000, the adventure epic DARC AGES appeared for the first time as an illustrated Web serial.
Now it is available as a book series, in an expanded illustrated edition.

The Adventure Begins

In the year 1999, David Archibald arranges to have himself frozen alive while he is dying of cancer. He is revived in the future and cured ... but he has been suspended for nine hundred years too long.

Earth has undergone major changes. The Dark Ages live again, but as a strange blend of archaic societies and advanced technology. David must start a new life under the name DARC...

Heroes, Villains and Monsters

Darc is not the only hero in DARC AGES. His struggle to survive and change the world involves many other characters, good and bad, in a world-spanning conflict.

He encounters knights in armor, tragic mutants, hideous monsters, brave women, talking robots and blackhearted villains....

The Adventure Continues

DARC AGES does not end with the re-release of the original trilogy. The fourth book in the ongoing series has been released. Join the adventure now!

The English edition of DARC AGES is available from Amazon.com.

(Video music from musopen.org, used with a Creative Commons license.)