Articles & Interviews

- Photo reportage (in Swedish) from the 2017 Gothenburg Book Fair, where the Swedish edition of DARC AGES Book Four: City of Masks was presented and signed by the author.

- A scientist explains the current progress of cryosleep and cryonics, in the YouTube video "Are You Going To Wake Up From Cryosleep? - The Medical Futurist" (2018).

- Is it actually possible to freeze and then revive human beings? Read more in the article The Frozen Sleep: Fact and Fiction (2016).

- Interview (in Swedish) in the pop-culture blog Tentakelmonster: "I sat there one day, and then I said: I have a cunning plan..." (2016).

- Interview (in Swedish) in the blog Emmas Krypin: A.R. Yngve – Sci-Fi Writer With Big Dreams (2016).

- Interview (in Swedish) with A.R. Yngve, in the webzine Barrikaden (2016).

- Article (in English) on how DARC AGES began and is being re-released,
in A.R.Yngve's "Notes Toward Becoming A Better Writer" (2016).

- Interview (in Swedish) in the webzine Mitrania (2005).